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Do you wish you had the right tools and data to better manage your portfolio? So did we...


After a career running several insurance companies, Jim sat down with his wife, an accountant, in 2012 to work on their five year retirement plan. Jim's wife turned to him and said, "These hefty advisor and mutual fund fees will be a huge drag on our retirement."

This led to two epiphanies...

Dividend investing with its focus on "paying yourself first" would best support Jim and his wife's retirement lifestyle. Second, although they had retired, Jim and his wife would need to be co-CEO's of their own portfolio. In other words, they would have to actively manage their investments.

Jim and his wife dived into dividend investing, taking courses, getting rid of their financial advisor, and repositioning their portfolio. To support their active investing strategy, Jim constructed a set of elaborate spreadsheets that screen-scraped data from various sources and provided basic pay and forecasting tools.

This was Jim's introduction to the world of broken links, inconsistent data, and time consuming manual updates of spreadsheet cells.


A few years into his retirement, while Jim was struggling with his spreadsheets and screen-scraped data, his son, Jim, began to look at more actively managing his family's investments. Jim asked his father how he was handling his investments, who shared his spreadsheets with his son.

Jim has held positions at and consulted to leading technology companies in the Bay Area and around the world. During his career, Jim has seen systems that worked well and those that simply didn't work.

When he took a look at his father's spreadsheets, Jim realized that type of data wrangling would never work.

After researching alternatives, the two Jims came to the conclusion there was no application on the market that could do what they wanted.

They needed something better, a platform that would provide accurate data, detailed performance metrics, automated pay, and flexible search capabilities in one integrated package.

Be the CEO of Your Portfolio

Portfolio Insight
was born

Jim and Jim embarked on a path that would take two years.

They assembled a team, defined features, acquired data, and developed a technology platform that delivered the deep analytical tools they believe active investors need.

We are excited to offer this portfolio management platform to everyone, so that others have the information, actionable analysis, and forecasting tools to invest with confidence.